Trade Facilitation and Industrial Development (WG4), 7th meeting

The seventh meeting of the Fourth Working Group of the PriSEC Committee was held on Tuesday, May 25, 2021, in the conference hall of the Ministry of Industry and Commerce under the chairmanship of the Co-chairs; Ministry of Industry and Commerce and Ministry of Economy, and members of the working group. First, the meeting minute of the previous meeting was signed by the Co-chairs, then the issues on the agenda were discussed.


– A consultative meeting has been held with the relevant departments, the Ministry of Industry and Commerce assured that during another meeting, the roadmap for the implementation of the national trade policy will be finalized and will be shared with the committee.


– The Ministry of Commerce should coordinate with the Investment Facilities Unit to ensure that the national transit strategy of the master plan and dry ports are in line and will inform PriSEC about the result.


– The draft of the Afghanistan policy note concept is finalized and was approved by the working group. The Ministry of Industry and Commerce will present the views of the MoIC during a special meeting with the Ministry of Economy and will submit the final draft to the Private Sector Executive Committee (PriSEC) for approval.


– The Ministry of Industry and Commerce believes that the development of the strategy is time-consuming and the capacity within the ministry is not enough because it covers a wide range of dimensions. The decision was made to work with the coordination of donors and to hire a consultant for it and work on it carefully; draft it and share it with the relevant departments.


Distinguished representatives from the Ministry of Economy, Ministry of Industry and Commerce, Afghanistan Chamber of Industries and Mines, Carpet Production and Export Association, ACEBA, Customs – Ministry of Finance, Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce and Investment, Afghanistan Chambers Federation, Women Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Chamber of Shopkeepers and Craftsmen, Breshna Sherkat, and PriSEC Secretariat – First Vice President of I.R.A attended this meeting.

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