Trade Facilitation and Industrial Development (WG4), 6th meeting

The sixth meeting of Trade Facilitation and Industrial Development Working Group of PriSEC Committee was held on 20 April 2021 in the conference hall of the Ministry of Industry and Commerce.


The meeting started with the opening and speech of Mr. Mohsen Sadat, Head of Industrial Parks and Industrial Affairs of the Ministry of Industry and Commerce and Ms. Mahnaz Anwari, Head of Financial Development, Trade and Private Sector. After reviewing and signing the minutes of previous meeting, the issues on the agenda were discussed and the following decisions were made;


  • The heavy light industry department of the Ministry of Industry and Commerce presented its plan regarding the ways to ban the export of raw materials that can be used in the carpet industry (beard and white wool). It should be noted that the plan is a primary draft and needs to be discussed with the Customs Tariff Committee.


  • Members of the working group should submit their views on the draft of waste distribution mechanism, the draft of anti-trafficking mechanism and the recycling sector analysis plan (ingot processing sector, battery production, worn tires and plastics) which are prepared by the Heavy Industries Department of the Ministry of Industry and Commerce.


  • The productive Afghanistan strategy should be prepared again like a plan to work on it again. The Ministry of Economy, considering the decisions of the technical meeting prepared the concept note of the strategy. Soon it will be shared with meeting members through PriSEC. After finalizing the plan in PriSEC Working Group Four, the plan will be send to PriSEC Committee or High Economic Council for approval.


  • On the abolition of seasonal tariffs with Pakistan; it is one of the discussion topics in the APTA meeting with Pakistan and the Ministry of Finance shall cooperate with the Ministry of Industry and Commerce in this regard.


The Heavy Industries Department of the Ministry of Industry and Commerce gave a brief presentation on the design and analysis of the recycling sector (ingot processing sector, battery production sector, worn tires and plastics). The discussed topics were such as the recycling sector review, the economic analysis of the ingot process and battery production, and the challenges and recommendation of this sector. Challenges in this sector include shortage of raw materials, lack of internal market, lack of required electricity, lack of standard, and lack of union of recycling sector. The recommendations to address these challenges include establishing a specific mechanism for collecting raw materials from government departments, preventing smuggling of dumplings to neighboring countries, building markets for manufactured products, providing electricity, and establishing unions for the recycling sector.

The members’ opinion was that the analysis of raw material prices should also be included in this plan in order to predict the price of the product.


Attendees of this meeting include esteemed representatives from the Ministry of Industry and Commerce, Ministry of Economy, Chamber of Industries and Mines, National Statistics and Information Authority, Ministry of Finance, ACEBA, Afghan Women’s Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Chamber of Shopkeepers and Craftsmen, and PriSEC-Office of First Vice President of I.R.A.

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