Trade Facilitation and Industrial Development (WG4), 5th meeting

The fifth meeting of the fourth working group of PriSEC Committee (Trade Facilitation and Industry Development) was held on 29 March 2021, in the Ministry of Economy, Conference hall.


After welcoming remarks from Co-chairs, the relevant entities reported on the progress of the reforms as follows.


The Ministry of Industry and Commerce reported that the draft roadmap for Afghanistan National Trade Policy has been prepared and will be shared by relevant entities, following that a technical meeting will behold with relevant ministries for finalization of the Implementation plan and road map, the report will be presented to the next working group meeting.


MoIC also reported on the operationalization of provincial committees during the application process for land applicants for industrial parks. Fortunately, the ministry in cooperation with PriSEC committee had set up provincial committees, applications for industrial parks in the provinces are being processed. The Ministry has completed the following sub-activities of this reform;


  • Working Procedure for the Committee has been drafted.
  • The Procedure by obtaining MoIC’s approval has finalized.
  • The Procedure among relevant entities Has been circulated.
  • Capacity building workshops will behold to the relevant departments and entities (if required)
  • The Committee established in the provinces (21 Provinces)


The First Vice President Office reported regarding the establishment of Ombudsman Office to inspect private sector complaints as well. According to the report, this office will be activated practically within a month. Based on that, the complaints of the private sector will be followed up strictly.


The representatives from the Ministry of Industry and Commerce, Ministry of Economy, Chamber of Industries and Mines, Ministry of Urban Development and Lands, International Chamber of Commerce, National Standards Office, Ministry of Mines and Petroleum, Chamber of Commerce and Investment, Carpet Production and Export Association, ACEBA, and PriSEC Committee – First Vice President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan participated at this meeting.

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