Trade Facilitation and Industrial Development (WG4), 4th meeting

The fourth meeting of the Trade Facilitation and Industrial Development working group was held in the Ministry of Industry and Commerce on February 16, 2021, with the participation of Co-Chairs, including the private sector and government sector. First, the minute of the previous meeting was signed by the Co-Chairs. The Ministry of Industry and Commerce presented a report on the establishment of provincial sub-committees to analyze applicants’ applications in industrial parks, adding that they are waiting for the implementation of the new procedure, meeting members on industrial parks, and distribution procedures. They had considerations that the Industrial Parks Department of the Ministry of Industry and Commerce promised to take into account in the new procedure.


The initial plan to establish and activate the Ombudsman office to inspect private sector complaints under the OFVP has been prepared by the office of the First Vice President and will be finalized soon and will be taken to review and receive feedback from the private sector.


Provincial committees have been set up to establish and activate provincial committees for the initial analysis of applicants’ applications for land in industrial parks, but the committees are waiting for approval by the High Economic Council because the previous procedure was not responsive.


The draft of the Productive Afghanistan Strategy was drafted in 2017, which should have referred to the implementation phase, but because this strategy has not yet been finalized within the government and also on the agenda of the High Economic Council. It was decided to form a technical committee to review the document and decide which sections needed to be renewed to propose implementation of the document.


The draft National Transit Policy, which is enshrined in principle in the High Economic Council, needs to be reviewed again by the private sector through PriSEC in order to enrich it.


Distinguished representatives from the Ministry of Economy, Ministry of Industry and Commerce, Afghanistan Chamber of Industries and Mines, Customs of Ministry of Finance, ACEBA, PriSEC secretariat, Afghanistan Women Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Investment Facilitation Unit, First Vice President, Ministry of Mines and Petroleum, the International Chamber of Commerce and the Chamber of Shopkeepers and Tradesmen were present in this meeting.

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