Trade Facilitation and Industrial Development (WG4), 3rd meeting

The third meeting of Trade Facilitation and Industrial Development of PriSEC Working Group was held on January 13, 2021, hosted by the Ministry of Economy.


The meeting started with the opening speech of Mahnaz Anwari, Head of Financial Development, Trade and Private Sector of Ministry of Economy. In this meeting, the relevant departments presented a report on the progress of activities and reviewed the implementation plan of priority reforms.


  • The First Vice President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan is in the process of establishing and activating the Office of Ombudsman to inspect private sector complaints.
  • The initial evaluation committee of the applicants’ request for industrial parks has been activated in the letter 1284 dated November 29, 2020, in the provinces where the industrial park is available. Industrial parks are available in only 21 provinces, including 8 industrial parks. In provinces where industrial parks are not active, the ministry cannot activate the committee in those provinces until the industrial park is activeted. The Department of Industry of the Ministry of Industry and Commerce was instructed to submit supporting documents to the PriSEC Committee regarding the activation of the provincial committees for the initial analysis.
  • According to the information provided, two separate mechanisms were to be developed for the design and analysis of the recycling sector for waste materials such as metals, used batteries, plastics, cotton yarns and etc, and develop a mechanism of distribution of waste materials, which are:

 Use of waste materials for domestic production

 Prohibition of export of waste materials and raw materials that can be used in domestic production.

  • To implement the policy, the relevant department of the Ministry of Industry and Commerce has divided the roadmap activities for the implementation of the Afghan National Trade Policy into three categories and will soon share it with PriSEC Committee and relevant departments.
  • Ports and customs that have equipment should be considered in the first stage for installing the camera. Based on the decision, the customs will divide the activity into sub-reforms and share it with the PriSEC committee.


In this meeting, respected representatives of the Ministry of Economy, Ministry of Industry and Commerce, Ministry of Mines and Petroleum, National Standards Office, Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce and Investment, Ministry of Urban Development and Land, Breshna Sherkat, Investment Facilitation Chamber, Customs of the Ministry of Finance, PriSEC Committee, Carpet Manufacturing and Export Association and the Export-Based Activities Integration Project participated.

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