Working Group 4

Trade Facilitation and Industrial Development

16Working Group Meetings
17Permanent Members
15Visiting Members

Focus Areas

Working Group (WG) 4 focuses on facilitating trade and transit between Afghanistan and regional countries and with other countries by removing barriers to trade, remaining compliant with WTO rules, and improving mutually beneficial trade agreements and transit agreements. The WG is also mandated to focus on industrial development by improving access to serviced industrial land, electricity, infrastructure, and other facilities. WG4 is helping the Gov. Entities to work closely with the private sector and development partners to implement Afghanistan National Trade Policy (ANTP), Productive Afghanistan, and other trade, transit, and industries development-related national documents/policies. WG 4 is tasked to initiate and implement reforms identified under the following sub-strategic priorities of the Private Sector Development Priority Program (PSD-NPP, 2018-2023):

Strategic Priority 2:

  • ‘Increasing access to key inputs for business’
    • Supply of serviced industrial land

Strategic Priority 4:

  • Securing and facilitating trade and transit
    • Coordinating and implementing of key policies and strategies for trade development
    • Improve and implement trade and transit agreements

The WG aims to improve Afghanistan’s ranking in World Bank’s Doing Business Indicator (DBI) report in:

  • Getting Electricity
  • Construction Permit
  • Cross Border Trade

The WG is scheduled to meet twice a month, at least 24 times a year; the meetings are called per the consensus of the minimum two co-chairs of the WG. For detailed information about the WG 4 mandate, objective, members and scope, download the WG Terms of Reference (ToR).


Co-ChairsPermanent MembersVisiting Members
• Ministry of Industry and Commerce (MoIC)
• Ministry of Economy
• Afghanistan Chamber of Industries and Mines
• Senior Policy Advisor – Office of First Vice President
• Investment Facilitation Unit - Administrative Office of the President
• Ministry of Commerce and Industry
• Ministry of Finance
• Ministry of Mines and Petroleum
• Ministry of Urban Development and Lands
• Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation, and Livestock
• Da Afghanistan Breshna Company
• Kabul Municipality
• Energy Services Regulator Authority (ESRA)
• National Standards Office of Afghanistan

Private Sector:
• Afghan Chambers Federation (ACF)
• All the Private sector Chambers
• Ministry of Transportation
• Afghanistan Railway Administration
• Afghan Women’s Business Federation (AWBF)
• Sectoral Unions
• Carpet Association
• Marble Association
• Miners' Association
• Transportation Association
• Natural Stones Association
• Construction Companies Association
• Talc Stone Association
• International Trade Center - Afghanistan (WTC)
• HARAKAT Project
• United States Agency for International Development (USAID)
• EU Delegation - Central to International Trade

Working Group 4 Terms of Reference (TOR)

Download ToR