Successful Reforms

PriSEC Reforms in 50/5 Phase 1 :

  1. Movable and immovable property accepted as a collateral by commercial banks.
  2. Practical customs e-payment mechanisms expedited across the country.
  3. Credit score provided and permission granted to private firms and individuals to access credit information on borrowers.
  4. Tax E-filing procedures and practices approved by the Afghan Cabinet.
  5. New export guidelines developed and export procedures shortened from 10 to 5 steps.
  6. Equivalence mechanism and essential standards developed in line with the WTO Technical Barriers to Trade (TBT) Agreement by Afghanistan National Standards Association (ANSA) to increase exports.
  7. Help Desk Procedures established at Customs
  8. Risk Management Procedures established at Customs
  9. Afghanistan Central Business Registry (ACBR) business license issuance centers expanded to 22 provinces
  10. Datacenters at ACBR established and activated, increasing information transparency.
  11. GIRoA Small, Medium and Micro Enterprises (SME) strategy and implementation plan developed in collaboration with OECD.
  12. Investment guide and investment directory developed in collaboration with the private sector
  13. PPP clause and chapter developed in the investment promotion and incentive package guidelines.
  14. Regulation developed for Industrial Parks to more effectively translate the implementation of the Industrial Parks (IP)s policy into administrative action within the government administrative apparatus.
  15. Tracking system for electricity connection and complaints operationalized.