PriSEC 42 Meeting

The PriSEC Secretariat proudly presented the final report on the completion of the 50/5 Initiative. The initiative symbolizes the Committee’s and in turn the OCE and the GoIRA’s undying commitment towards the development and evolution of the engine of economic growth that is the Private Sector. The 50/5 Initiative has been a brain child of the PriSEC Secretariat and is a product of the passion and dedication that the Committee, and more importantly HE CE Dr. Abdullah Abdullah holds towards the Afghan peoples, their socio-economic prosperity and the move towards a self-reliant Afghanistan. As of today, owing to the success of the initiative, the Committee has committed to the delivery of the second phase of 50/5 wherein another set of 50 reforms shall be rolled out to the Private Sector in the coming 5 months. The OCE shall continue to drive growth and prosperity and lead the nation towards stability and convergence.