Public Private Dialogues

Public Private Dialogues, or PPDs, are a way for PriSEC to obtain feedback from private sector stakeholders on reform implementation progress on the ground. This feedback allows PriSEC to monitor reform efficiency and effectiveness, identify potential roadblocks, and construct an action plan on how to improve reform implementation to bring back to PriSEC Working Groups.

Who Can Attend PPDs?

Any business, business organization, or civil society representative invited by PriSEC members can attend PPDs. If your organization is not currently represented at PPDs but you believe it should be, please write us an e-mail through our contact form.

What are the benefits of PPDs?

PPDs have many benefits, the most important of which is that they establish a line of communication between the public and private sector on how best to conduct private sector development. Oftentimes, government actors are out of touch with realities on the ground for business owners, and business owners are out of touch with the reality of what is feasible within government structures and policy. Establishing a dialogue helps to synchronize the visions and planned actions for both sides. Please consult the following reports and research on the benefits of Public Private Dialogues.