The seventh meeting of PriSEC fifth working group was held on Monday, March 15, 2021, at Afghanistan Chambers Federation with the participation of representatives from the First Vice   President, Ministry of Industry and Commerce, Investment Facilitation Unit (Presidential Affairs Office), and private sector representatives.


According to Agenda, the Investment Facilitation Unit provided a detailed report on the progress of work on the private investment law and they stated that they work on the mentioned law with consistency.


The representative of the Investment Facilitation Unit added that the private investment law action plan and its contents list are underway according to the work plan. Four meetings are scheduled to be held in four zones of the country to gather the ideas of the private sector and according to the plan, in June 2021, the plan of the law will be sent to the Ministry of Justice.


Also, the provisions of the regulation on registration, management, care, and effective use of land and government properties were discussed, so the decision was made to return the provisions of the regulation to the third group of PriSEC and thereby to the Ministry of Urban Development and Lands.

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