Legal Working Group (WG5), 6th meeting

The sixth meeting of the Legal Working Group was held on Thursday, February 25, 2021, in the Ministry of Justice with the participation of representatives from the Ministry of Industry and Commerce, Environment Department, Investment Facilitation Unit, and representatives from the private sector. During the meeting, the Co-Chairs emphasized the need to speed up the implementation process of reforms. This followed by a brief report on the progress of the Anti-Dumping, Subsidy, and Commercial Arbitration Laws by the Ministry of Industry and Commerce.


The Ministry of Industry and Commerce reported that the anti-dumping and subsidiary laws have made significant progress. The work on the investment law has been stopped due to problems between the two departments (the Investment Facilitation Unit and the Ministry of Industry and Commerce). According to the technical meetings, Article 13 of the Environmental Law should be amended, so the Environment Department categorized the activities according to which the regulation should also be amended. It was decided that the law should be amended first and then the regulation can be amended according to the law. The proposed draft of the amendments presented to the meeting was quite rudimentary and it was suggested that the Environment Department shall enrich it further.


The participants of this meeting were the esteemed representatives of the Ministry of Justice, the Second Vice President, Department of Environment, Investment Facilitation Unit, Ministry of Industry and Commerce, the Afghanistan Women Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce and Investment, Afghanistan Chamber of Tradesmen and Craftsmen, Afghanistan Chamber of Agriculture and Livestock, the Afghan Chamber of Industries and Mines, and PriSEC Committee – Office of First Vice President I.R.A.

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