Legal Working Group (WG5), 5th meeting

The fifth meeting of the PriSEC Legal Working Group was held on February 1, 2021, at the Afghanistan Chambers Federation.

After welcoming the participants, the members gave a brief report on their activities.


  • Progress on legislative documents in legal group’s plan

The Department of Economic and Financial Laws of the Ministry of Justice is still waiting for the draft of anti-subsidy and anti-dumping laws. At the meeting, it was requested from the Ministry of Industry and Commerce to send the draft to the Ministry of Justice as soon as possible. Also, requested their cooperation with the Ministry of Justice in drafting laws.


  • Draft Private Investment Law

The Ministry of Justice is also waiting to receive the draft investment law from the Ministry of Industry and Trade, which has been prepared by this ministry. The members of the meeting expressed their concern that the above draft has many issues and needs more work. It was decided that the Ministry of Industry and Commerce share the draft of the Private Investment Law with the Ministry of Justice. The PriSEC Secretariat, in cooperation with the Office of First Vice President, will also clarify the issue of which institution will work on the draft.


  • The legal basis draft of the PriSEC Committee

The legal basis draft was approved by the Co-Chairs and they asked for international partners’ involvement on proposed formation of the PriSEC Committee.


Distinguished representatives of the First Vice President I.R.A, the Second Vice President I.R.A, Ministry of Justice, Investment Facilitation Unit, Da Afghanistan Bank, Afghanistan Chambers Federation, Chamber of Craftsmen and Shopkeepers, Chamber of Commerce and Investment, International Chamber of Commerce, and Chamber of Agriculture and Livestock Products were present in this meeting.

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