Legal Working Group (WG5), 4th meeting

The fourth meeting of the legal working group of the PriSEC Committee was held on 6th January 2021, in the Afghanistan Chamber of Federation. Ms. Aniseh Ahrar, Head of Private and Commercial Sector Laws of the Ministry of Justice stated her opening remarks and reviewed the decisions of the previous meeting of the working group.


The members of the meeting expressed their opinion on the necessity of enacting the Islamic Banking Law and the existing problems that prevent this law from being endorsed. As a result, it was decided that Da Afghanistan Bank, Afghanistan Bank Association, the Private Sector, and PriSEC should prepare a plan to amend the banking law, especially the Islamic banking section, in cooperation with the relevant departments, and send it to parliament for further modification.


Also, PriSEC secretariat and the representative of the Ministry of Industry and Commerce presented a brief report on the draft of private investment law. It was agreed that at PriSEC, the Investment Facilitation Unit and Ministry of Industry and Commerce should work together on a draft to avoid wasting time and duplication.


In this meeting, the esteemed representatives of First Vice President, Second Vice President, Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Industry and Commerce, the Chamber of Craftsmen and Shopkeepers, the Chamber of Commerce and Investment, the Afghanistan International Chamber of Commerce, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, Afghanistan Bank Association, Afghanistan Chamber of Federation, Da Afghanistan Bank, the Afghan Women’s Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Chamber of Industry and Mines were present.

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