Legal Working Group (WG5), 3rd meeting

The third meeting of the Legal Working Group of the PriSEC Committee was held on December 9, 2020, in the presence of the Co-Chairs including, Afghanistan Chambers of Federation, the Ministry of Justice, and the Second Vice President in the meeting hall of the First Vice President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan.


In the meeting, in the beginning, the division of reforms with priority into sub-activities was reviewed and approved by the participants in the meeting. Then, the municipal property lease regulation was explained and the participants expressed their views and considerations regarding the further enrichment of this regulation. The amendment of Article 13 of the Regulation on Air Pollution Reduction, which was included in the agenda of this meeting, was also evaluated.


PriSEC Secretariat recommended two solutions regarding reducing air pollution regulation, including; first, the environmental license should be issued after the issuance of the license, second, the activities for which environmental license is needed should be listed and categorized.


In this meeting, respected representatives of the Ministry of Justice, First Vice President, Second Vice President, Afghanistan Chambers of Federation, Ministry of Industry and Commerce, Kabul Municipality, Afghanistan Women’s Chamber of Commerce and Industries, Afghanistan Craftsmen and shopkeepers Chamber, Agriculture and Livestock Chamber, Afghanistan Chamber of Industries and Mines, and the National Environmental Protection Agency participated.

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