Legal Working Group (WG5), 2nd meeting

The legal working group focuses on facilitating the process of regulatory changes and amendments to the laws proposed by other Working Groups within PriSEC. On, 25 November 2020 PriSEC’s legal working group (WG5) held its second working group meeting in the Ministry of Justice with the presence of the working group Co-Chairs, convened to do just that.


According to the agenda of the meeting, the laws including both short-term and medium-term reform plans of the legal working group were approved by the participants in the meeting.


Short-term reform plans include;

  • Endorse anti-subsidy and anti-dumping law in order to protect domestic industries
  • Process and endorse the new insurance law / Takaful law
  • Process and endorse the Private Investment Protection Law in order to identify and grant incentives (privileges) for investors
  • Process and endorse the new income tax law


Medium-term reform plans include;

  • Amend and endorse arbitration law to address gaps in existing law (for example, authorization of judgments)
  • Draft of the Islamic banking law
  • Draft of the government property law
  • Amend of Article 13 of the Air Pollution Reduction Regulation, in order to make the process of reviewing the activities of manufacturing companies


Also, the participant discussed the draft law on subsidies, the anti-dumping law, the private investment law, the commercial arbitration law, the draft law on agricultural associations and unions, and the draft of Islamic banking law. Finally, members of the meeting were tasked to share their views on the municipal property lease regulation in hard copy to the PriSEC secretariat within the next week.


At the meeting, government representatives from the office of First Vice President, the office of Second Vice President, the Ministry of Commerce, the Ministry of Justice, and the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock; And private sector representatives from the Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce and Investment, the Afghan Banks Association, the Chamber of Craftsmen and Shopkeepers, and the International Chamber of Commerce attended.

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