Legal Working Group (WG5), 1st Meeting

On November 10, 2020, the first meeting of the Legal working group of PriSEC (WG5) was held in Gulkhana Palace with the presence of the Senior Advisor to the First Vice President, Deputy Minister of Justice, Co-Chairs working group 5 from Senior Advisory of second vice president and the Department of Private Sector and Commercial Law of the Ministry of Justice.


Also, representatives from Afghanistan Commercial Dispute Resolution Center, Legislative Directorate of the Ministry of Industry and Commerce, Commercial Court of Appeals, Legislative Documents Expert of the Second Vice president, and private sector representatives from Women Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the International Chamber of Commerce, the Chamber of Commerce and Investment, the Chamber of Agriculture and Livestock, the Chamber of Shopkeepers and Craftsmen, and the Federation of Women Professionals.


In this meeting, the reform plan of the working group 5 and their priorities were discussed in detail. These reforms were approved by the participants, and it was decided that in the next meeting of this working group, the PriSEC secretariat and the relevant departments will report on the progress of the legislative documents, including the reforms of this group. In addition, the term of reference (ToR) of working group 5 of PriSEC should be shared with participants of the meeting to discuss and enrichment of its concept.


The next meeting of the working group will be held two weeks later, according to the bill for regulating the performance of PRISK working groups.

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