The tenth meeting of the fifth-legal working group of PriSEC was held on Tuesday, June 29, 2021, in the meeting hall of the Gulkhana Palace, the office of First Vice President of I.R.A. According to the agenda, the Co-chairs of the meeting welcomed the members, then the importance of anti-dumping law for the private sector was discussed.


The new draft of anti-dumping law has been prepared in 8 chapters and 47 articles, which is currently being reviewed by the Executive Committee of the Institute of Law Affairs of the Ministry of Justice. The new draft of this law addresses most of the concerns of the private sector and consumers. The following recommendations were provided by the members of the meeting for the enrichment of the draft:

  • In order to better implement the anti-dumping law, the issue of smuggling and illegal imports should be considered strictly.
  • The dumping should be certified indirectly by law.
  • Exact production and demand figures of consumers or demand must be available to ensure that anti-dumping measures are taken properly.
  • The issue of supporting competition and healthy growth of trade and industry in the country should be considered.

At the end of the meeting, it was decided to hold a meeting with the representative of the Second Vice President, the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, the private sector, and PriSEC on July 13 of this year to finalize the mentioned plan.


In this meeting, esteemed representatives of First Vice President office, Second Vice President office, Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Afghanistan Chambers Federation, Chamber of Craftsmen and Shopkeepers, Chamber of Commerce and Investment, International Chamber of Commerce, and PriSEC Committee – First Vice President of the I.R.A participated.

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