Investment Facilitation and Promotion (WG3), 9th meeting

The ninth meeting of the Third Working Group of PriSEC was held on 2 May 2021 in the meeting hall of the Administrative Office of the President with the presence of Co-chairs from the Investment Facilitation Unit, Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce and Investment, Afghanistan Customs and Revenue Department, and group members. In this meeting, while the opening speech was given by the Co-chairs, the eighth meeting minute of the third working group was reviewed and signed by them.


The meeting was chaired by Attaullah Nasib, the Head of Afghanistan Investment Facilitation Unit, with the coordination of the Minister of Finance. In the beginning, Attaullah Nasib thanked the participants for their attendance, then the division file of the identified reforms into sub-activities was discussed.


  • Regarding simplifying and reducing the number of multiple licenses for sectoral enterprises, the Ministry of Industry and Commerce divided all licensing departments into specific groups and work with each group separately.


  • Since the effective use of the state-owned property is a regulation, the Ministry of Urban Development and Land will endeavor to include all legal issues regarding land to insure the regulation does not conflict with other laws. It was suggested that in order to facilitate investment in the country, the regulation should be in line with other private investment laws in addition to other laws.


  • The Ministry of Finance has finalized and started the implementation of the closing businesses procedure. According to the Ministry of Finance’s investigation report to PriSEC, “with the implementation of this procedure, more than 80-90 percent of new clients will have their licenses revoked within two weeks.” Only a small percentage of clients who are in the red zone of the Ministry of Finance (have not paid their taxes or do not have enough documents of their expenses) will have a time-consuming license revocation process.


  • The draft of private investment law has been finalized by the technical team of the investment facilitation unit and has been shared for the final review with the General Director of the Investment Facilitation Unit. The final draft of the law will be shared in a week for the final view of the relevant departments.


Distinguished representatives from the Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Industry and Commerce, Investment Facilitation Unit, Chamber of Commerce and Investment, National Statistics and Information Authority, Ministry of Interior, Kabul Municipality, Ministry of Urban Development and Lands, Chamber of Craftsmen and Shopkeepers, Chamber of Industries and Mines, Women Chamber of Commerce and Industry, International Chamber of Commerce, Directorate General Public-Private Partnerships – of the Administrative Office of the President, and PriSEC Secretariat – the office of First Vice President of the I.R.A have participated in this working group meeting.

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