Investment Facilitation and Promotion (WG3), 8th meeting

The eighth meeting of the third PriSEC working group was held on Sunday, April 11, 2021 in the conference hall of the Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce and Investment with the presence of the Co-chairs and members of the working group. The meeting was chaired by the Chairman of the ACCI in coordination with the Investment Facilitation Unit and the Ministry of Finance. Besides the inaugural speech by the co-chairs, the seventh meeting minutes of working group three was reviewed and signed by the co-chairs. Then, working group reforms were discussed.


The Investment Facilitation Unit plans to form a technical team to draw up an investment roadmap and begin practical work. The Ministry of Industry and Commerce has the previously prepared investment roadmap documents who will share the documents with IFU, which may be a good start for this national process.


In addition, IFU continues to be responsible for finalizing the Private Investment Law. According to the plan, the law should be finalized by June of this year and sent to the Ministry of Justice for further steps.


Also, according to the action plan of the regulation on effective use of government lands and properties, the Ministry of Urban Development and Lands should amended text of the regulation by including the views of the public and private sector and PriSEC legal working group. On 20th of April 2021, share it a meeting consisting of representatives if IFU, PriSEC, and Ministry of Urban Development and Land to partner together to gather technical feedback.


The Ministry of Industry and Commerce has finalized the Invest in Afghanistan brand and is ready to launch it. The Ministry is waiting for the decision of His Excellency the President and the First Vice President of I.R.A to announce the time and place of its opening.


The issue of investing in dried fruit exhibition was also discussed and the participants of the Chamber of Craftsmen were asked to formally share the issue with the First Vice President of I.R.A, in order to be discussed in the second executive committee meeting of PriSEC chaired by the First Vice President.


Members of the meeting suggested that, if necessary, the World Bank cooperate on technical issues, including technical cooperation in amending laws, drafting policies, etc., and support the implementing agencies of the working group reforms. It was decided to prepare and send a proposal to World Bank to cooperate if their facilities are available.


Distinguished representatives of the Ministry of Finance, Investment Facilitation Unit, Chamber of Commerce and Investment, Ministry of Industry and Commerce, Afghanistan Chambers Federation, Chamber of Shopkeepers and Craftsmen, Ministry of Economy, Ministry of Interior, Roshan Telecommunication Company, National Statistics and Information Authority, and PriSEC – Office of First Vice President of I.R.A were present at this meeting.

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