Investment Facilitation and Promotion (WG3), 7th meeting

The seventh meeting of PriSEC third working group was held in the presence of Co-Chairs and members of the working group at the meeting hall of the Deputy Minister of Revenue and Customs of the Ministry of Finance. In this meeting, while the opening speech was given by the Co-Chairs, the sixth meeting minute of the working group was reviewed and signed. Then the Reforms Breakdown Sheet was discussed.


– A report was presented on simplifying the sectoral license acquisition procedures, which is a long process and requires the joint and long efforts of all licensing departments (22 government departments). The process of implementing the plan has already begun, meanwhile the technical team of the central registry and the intellectual property work on an action plan.


– The Investment Facilitation Unit is trying to organize the technical meeting with the participation of the Ministry of Industry and Commerce, PriSEC Committee, and other relevant departments (Chambers and Chambers Federations), to work as a task force to draw the investment roadmap. The Ministry of Industry and Commerce has some documents available that show the progress of work in this regard, and by enriching it, it can be a good achievement.


– The Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Industry and Commerce have reviewed their final procedures many times to shorten the process of revoking the business license and have sent them to the Ministry for final signature, which will be implemented by the end of this week.


– Technical meetings have been held to implement the MOU on the process of amending the process of distributing the Tax Identification Number (TIN) and facilitating the process of obtaining/renewing a business passport and revoking the business license. The Priscilla Committee will participate


– Invest in Afghanistan brand has been prepared by the Ministry of Industry and Trade and is ready to open. Discussions between the Ministry of Industry and Trade and the Office of the President of the Islamic Republic of Iran. And work plans are underway that will be shared by the technical teams with PriSEC Committee in ten days.


Distinguished representatives of the Ministry of Finance, Investment Facilitation Unit, Chamber of Commerce and Investment, PriSEC – First Vice President Office, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Industry and Commerce, Ministry of Mines and Petroleum, Da Breshna Sherkat, Afghanistan Chambers Federation, Afghanistan Women Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Chamber of Craftsmen and Shopkeepers, Ministry of Urban Development and Lands and the Ministry of Economy were present on this meeting.

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