Investment Facilitation and Promotion (WG3), 6th meeting

The sixth meeting of the PriSEC Investment Facilitation and Promotion Working Group was held in the presence of Co-Chairs; the Investment Facilitation Unit, the Deputy Minister of Revenue and Customs, and the Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce and Investment on February 17, 2021, in conference hall of AOP.


At first, Forouzan Faqiri expressed her gratitude to the participants for attending. Then the Reforms Breakdown Sheet which define the identified reforms into sub-activities that had previously been shared with the members of the working group was discussed.


According to General Directorate of Central Business Registry & Intellectual Property of the Ministry of Industry and Commerce, the issue of unification of licenses is one of the top priorities of that department in 1400. To achieve this goal, all licensing distributors are divided into categories, and shall go through five steps to unify the license.


A joint meeting between Mr. Attaullah Nasib the General Director of the Investment Facilitation Unit and Mr. Ghoriani the Minister of Industry and Commerce regarding the challenging and issues between the two departments regarding the priority reforms of PriSEC working group 3 Which has caused the mentioned reforms not to make the necessary progress. A technical working group has been assigned to represent the two departments to study the challenges in detail. After dividing the tasks of the two departments, the results of their work progress on the reforms shall be shared with the Co-Chairs and members of the third working group.


Distinguished representatives of the Ministry of Finance, Investment Facilitation Unit, Chamber of Commerce and Investment, PriSEC – First Vice President, Ministry of Industry and Commerce, Ministry of Mines and Petroleum, Breshna Sherkat, Afghanistan Chambers of Federation, Afghanistan Women Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Chamber of Shopkeepers and Craftsmen, Ministry of Urban Development and Land, and Ministry of Economy were present.

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