Investment Facilitation and Promotion (WG3), 4th meeting

The fourth meeting of the PriSEC committee’s investment facilitation and promotion working group was held in the Conference Hall of Revenue Department of the Ministry of Finance on 06 January 2021 in presence of Co-Chairs; Deputy Minister of Revenue and Customs, Investment Facilitation Unit, and Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce and Investment.


While the opening speech was given by Co-Chairs, including H.E. Mojib Rahman Sherzad, Deputy of Revenue Department of the Ministry of Finance, the third meeting of working group 3 was reviewed and signed by Co-Chairs. The responsible departments reported on the progress of work on the priority reforms.


The important issues discussed in this meeting are as follows:

  • Modify the process of distributing multiple tax identification number (TIN) to individuals and companies; It was decided that before the next meeting of working group 3, the agreement would be signed between the relevant departments, which would pave the way for more facilities for entrepreneurs in the central registration unit and prevent the distribution of multiple identification numbers and tax evasion.


  • Afghanistan payment system; This reform still remains a passive reform in the working group list because the Office of Presidential Affairs is in contact with the UAE to bring a successful and proven system (Pay buy) to Afghanistan, and connect it to the APS system. In order to make the Afghan payment system more easily.


  • Facilitate access to land by improving the process of effective use of government land and property; In order to upgrade the procedure for the effective use of government land and property to the regulation, the Property Management Committee has been established based on the guidance number (3311) on 4th November 2020 of His Excellency the President of I.R.A. The first meeting of this committee was held on 9th December this year, and the in-charged people of the Public and Private Partnership of Administrative Office and the Ministry of Urban Development were asked to report on their progress to PriSEC committee and its Co-Chairs before the next meeting of the working group.


  • Facilitate the access of the general directorate of central registration and intellectual property to the Revenue Department of the Ministry of Finance’s information, Passport Department of the Ministry of Interior in order to facilitate the process of canceling the business license. According to the information provided by the members of the working group, the central registration systems of the Ministry of Industry and Commerce and the Ministry of Finance are connected, the central registration systems are also connected with the National Procurement Department. The National Bureau of Statistics and Information has also completed all system connection work between the General Directorate of Passports and the General Directorate of Revenue.


  • Amend the law or regulations of the municipal product to simplify and reduce the cost of municipal licenses; It was decided that the Kabul Municipality would develop guidelines to facilitate the private sector and share the initial text with the next working group meeting for further discussion with the private sector (chambers and federation).


In this meeting, esteemed representatives of the Ministry of Finance, Investment Facilitation Unit, Chamber of Commerce and Investment, PriSEC, Ministry of Industry and Commerce, National Statistics and Information Office, Ministry of Mines and Petroleum, Afghanistan Chambers Federation, Chamber of Commerce and Industries, Chamber of Shopkeepers and craftsmen and HARAKAT organization participated.

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