Investment Facilitation and Promotion (WG3), 11th meeting

The 11th meeting of the 3rd PriSEC Working Group was held on June 20, 2021, in the meeting hall of the Chamber of Commerce and Investment with the presence of the co-chairs from the Revenue and Customs Department, Chamber of Commerce and Investment, and Investment Facilitation Unit as well as with the participation of permanent and visiting members of the working group. Mr. Shafiqullah Atayi inaugurated the meeting and thanked the members for attending. Then, the 10th meeting minutes of the working group was also reviewed and signed by the co-chairs.


First, a presentation on the “Invest in Afghanistan” Brand was presented by the Investment Department of the Ministry of Industry and Commerce. Branding, and especially investment branding, is a common marketing method to create a positive idea about a country’s goods/services to encourage investment. Invest in Afghanistan Brand attracts investment by promoting the country’s investment opportunities and incentives to national and international investors. In this presentation, topics such as; introducing the brand in Afghanistan, its mission, investment development framework, items that are emphasized on its website (building interest, introducing the Afghan economy, introducing incentives, etc.) were discussed. This website has been translated into 6 languages ​​and the mobile application of the brand is ready to be used in six languages as well. The Invest in Afghanistan Brand is set to be launched by high-ranking government officials soon.


Later, the progress of work on prioritized reforms was reported to the meeting by stakeholders;


  • Until 26 June 2021, the final text of the “Effective Use of Government Land and Property” procedure to regulation will be prepared and sent to relevant organizations to share their technical views with the committee to further enrich the text of the regulation.


  • A joint meeting was scheduled to be held between the Minister of Finance and the National Statistics and Information Authority to discuss the exchange of information/data to modify the distribution of multiple tax identification number (TIN) to individuals and companies and to reduce the number of multiple identification numbers; prevent abuse, corruption, and tax evasion.


In this meeting, esteemed representatives of Chamber of Commerce and Investment, Investment Facilitation Unit, Ministry of Industry and Commerce, National Office of Statistics and Information, Ministry of Finance, Chambers of Craftsmen and Shopkeepers, Afghan Telecom Company, Ministry of Urban Development and Land, International Chamber of Commerce, Kabul Municipality, and PriSEC Secretariat – the First Vice President of I.R.A participated.

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