Investment Facilitation and Promotion (WG3), 10th meeting

The 10th Meeting of the Investment Facilitation and Promotion Working Group held on Monday, May 31, 2021, in the ARD Conference Room with the participation of the Co-chairs; the Deputy Minister of Revenue and Customs, Investment Facilitation Unit, and Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce and Investment, with members of the working group. In this meeting, while the opening speech was given by the Co-chairs, the minute of the ninth meeting of the third working group was reviewed and signed by them.


In the beginning, the co-chairs expressed their appreciation for the participants’ attendance. Afterward, the presentation of the revocation of the business licenses was presented by Mr. Anis Panah, Head of the Revenue Deputy of the Ministry of Finance, then the identified reforms’ sheet was discussed.


– The only person in charge in the Ministry of Urban Development and Lands, due to the problems in the process of effective use of government land and property, cannot cooperate with the regulation. It was decided that the ministry should urgently introduce another person to implement this reform and start practical work to finalize the regulation.


–  The private sector to present their latest views on private investment law to Investment Facilitation Unit up to one week after this meeting. Later, the private investment law will be removed from the list of the third working group reforms and will be added to the list of reforms of the fifth working group of PriSEC (legal).


– Kabul Municipality to formally share the official letter to resolve the two private-sector challenges in one day with the private sector and the PriSEC Executive Committee.


– The Investment Facilitation Unit, who is responsible for implementing the investment roadmap, stated that studies like this should be done in other countries. They are working on the proposal/concept note to partner with one of the donors and take action to draft/draw up an investment roadmap in Afghanistan.


In this meeting, esteemed representatives of the Ministry of Finance, Investment Facilitation Unit, Chamber of Commerce and Investment, Ministry of Commerce and Industries, National Office of Statistics and Information, Ministry of Economy, Chamber of Tradesmen and Craftsmen, Chamber of Industries and Mines, Women Chamber of Commerce and Industry, International Chamber of Commerce, Roshan Telecommunication Company and PriSEC Committee – First Vice President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan were present.

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