Working Group 3


27Working Group Meetings
13Permanent Members
20Visiting Members

Focus Areas

Working Group (WG) 3 focuses on improving Afghanistan’s business environment for domestic and foreign investment by increasing access to basic factors (land, labor, capital and enterprise) through simplified public procedures and processes; and increasing and improving public and private services for doing business life-cycle (from starting a business until close out). The WG is closely working with all stakeholders to promote overall investment in different sectors of Afghanistan through streamlined procedures and mechanisms such as Public Private Partnerships, digitally coordinated public service, streamlined taxation and easy entry and exit for international investors. WG 3 is tasked to initiate and implement reforms identified under the following sub-strategic priorities of Private Sector Development Priority Program (PSD-NPP, 2018-2023):

Strategic Priority 1:

  • ‘Restoring confidence and creating an enabling environment for business’
    • Implementing an investment climate reform roadmap

Strategic Priority 3:

  • Sharing risks and crowding in investment
    • Investment promotion
    • Providing opportunities for public private partnerships

The WG aims to improve Afghanistan’s ranking in World Bank’s Doing Business Indicator (DBI) report in:

  • Starting Business
  • Paying Taxes

The WG is scheduled to meet twice a month, at least 24 times a year; the meetings are called per the consensus of the minimum two co-chairs of the WG. For detailed information about the WG 3 mandate, objective, members and scope, download the WG Terms of Reference (ToR).


Co-ChairsPermanent MembersVisiting Members
• Administrative Office of the President
(AOP) General Directorate of Public-Private
Partnership (PPP) and Investment Facilitation
Unit (IFU)
• Ministry of Finance (Deputy Minister for
Revenue and Custom – and - Director of
Investment Promotion from Deputy Minister
of Policy)
• Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce and
• Administrative Office of the President - General
Directorate of Public-Private Partnership and IFU
• Ministry of Finance - General Directorate of
Revenues - Director of Investment Promotion
• Ministry of Industry and Commerce - General
Directorate of Central Registration and Intellectual
Property - Directorate of Investment Facilitation and
• Ministry of Mines and Petroleum
• Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation, and Livestock
• Ministry of Economy
• Afghan Chambers Federation (ACF) (All rooms)
• Technical and Vocational Education and Training Authority (TVETA)
• National Procurement Authority (NPA)
• Ministry of Urban Development and Land (MUDL)
• National Environmental Protection Agency (NEPA)
• Da Afghanistan Banks (DABS)
• Ministry of Interior Affairs (MoIA) - General Directorate of Passports
• Energy Services Regulator Authority (ESRA)
• General Directorate of National Water Affairs Regulation Authority
• Attorney General's Office (AGO)
• Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA)
• Kabul Municipality (KM)
• Afghanistan Investment Support Board (AISB)
• Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MoCIT)
• Ministry of Higher Education (MoHE)
• Office of Second Vice President (OSVP)
• Private Sector Safety Committee (PSSC)
• Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs (MoLSA)
• Supreme Court
• Ministry of Transport (MoT)
• National Statistic and Information Authority (NSIA)

Working Group 3 Terms of Reference (TOR)

Download ToR