‌Private Sector Priorities 2021-2024

On Sunday, January 3, 2021, the PriSEC Secretariat, in collaboration with the First Vice President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, respected members of the Afghanistan Chambers Federation, and HARAKAT, held a technical meeting to specify the priorities of the private sector.


In this meeting, 9 priorities of the private sector were presented and updated then four new priorities were added to it. The new private-sector priorities are listed below:

  • Prioritize the private sector as one of the key factors of economic growth and self-sufficiency and participation of the private sector in national economic activities, including the implementation of developing programs.
  • Access to production factors, natural resources, and promotion of technical, professional and expert capacities.
  • Develop and competitiveness of the insurance industry and access to domestic and international financial services.
  • Construction and development of infrastructure, regional connection, including accelerating the implementation of alternative transit routes.
  • Development of skills, competitive advantage and agricultural, industrial and commercial capacities.
  • Increase and simplify private sector participation, including its implementation in public-private partnership programs.
  • Government and international community support for the private sector in critical situations such as Covid-19, including implementing the plan.
  • Support alternative methods for trade dispute resolution (arbitration and mediation), enrichment and developing a legal framework for doing business.
  • Strengthen transparency and monitoring of the performance of relevant government institutions regarding private sector activities (e-government).
  • Ensuring the security of the private sector and restoring trust from intelligence and security agencies.
  • Strengthen the coordination and coherence of the tasks of institutions related to the private sector (integration of parallel structures).
  • Supporting the mining sector, re-concluding contracts and facilitating medium and small-scale mining?
  • Develop effective policies to support the private sector, review and implement the national priority program document for private sector development.


These priorities target the fundamental problems and challenges of the private sector and plan practical measures to address them.


At the end of the meeting, it was decided that in order to formulate key goals and actions, the priorities of the private sector will be shared with the relevant departments to present their recommendations to the office of the presidency of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan for finalization and approval of priorities.

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