Draft Private Investment Law

The technical meeting of the Investment Facilitation and Promotion Working Group was held on Monday, December 21, 2020, in the Ministry of Industry and Commerce of Afghanistan.

In this meeting, the draft law on private investment was reviewed and the participants shared their views with the Ministry of Industry and Commerce in order to further enrich this law. The Private Investment Law has been drafted by the Ministry of Industry and Commerce to create more facilities for domestic and foreign private sector investors in the country. Among the benefits that this draft can bring to the country’s private sector are tax-cutting, investment incentives, visa facilities, and special facilities for businesswomen in one-stop shops.


This is the 15th session regarding amending the law, and in the next two sessions, the text of the law will be finalized and sent to the Ministry of Justice for legal procedures. As a result, it will be sent to the Cabinet for further evaluation and approval.

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