The seventh meeting of Agribusiness and Export Development Working Group was held on Monday, July 05, 2021, in the conference room of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry with the presence of the Co-chairs and members of the second working group. The meeting was started by Mohammad Suleiman bin Shah, Deputy Minister of Commerce of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, and later the following topics were discussed and the relevant institutions reported on the progress of their activities.


  • Export development has been in the focus of the government’s leadership, which needs to simplify the export process by reducing steps and obstacles in the latter units of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry.
  • The Chamber of Commerce and Investment also announced that the finalization and activation of an online queuing system for airway export over the next three weeks.
  • Considering the key role of transport in exports and the problem of stopping carpet trucks in Torkham, a technical meeting will be held to regulate this sector and the Ministry of Finance will study pricing methods and seasonal tariffs in accordance with WTO methods to negotiate with neighboring countries.
  • Andalib Mushtari, Head of Economic Policy, Ministry of Finance, added that in order to grow and increase exports, strategic measures are needed for direct exports to destination countries.


It was suggested that the export of carpets be done through the air corridor and if possible, an air corridor shall be created for carpet. Also, a specific mechanism should be devised to establish order in the export of carpets, and unhealthy competition has been identified to prevent losses to traders. It was decided to discuss this issue in a technical meeting.


Based on the decision of the meeting, it was decided that in the near future, the Ministry of Commerce and Industry will hold a public meeting in Charchenar with stakeholders in the carpet, transport, fresh fruits and vegetables and precious and semi-precious stones sectors to discuss the challenges in detail and seek solutions. Then, support will be sought from the First Vice President in implementing the proposed solutions.


Distinguished representatives of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Kabul Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Union, Ministry of Finance, General Directorate of Revenues and Customs, Afghanistan National Standardization Authority, Chamber of Commerce and Investment, Kabul Carpet Production and Export Association and PriSEC Secretariat – First Vice President office participated in this meeting.

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