The sixth meeting of the PriSEC second working group was held on April 22, 2021, in the Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation, and Livestock with the presence of the Co-chairs and members of this working group.


The meeting began with the inauguration of Mr. Hashmatullah Ghafoori, Deputy Minister of Irrigation and Natural Resources of MAIL, and Sulaiman Bin Shah, Deputy Minister at Ministry of Industry and Commerce. At first, besides welcoming the members of the meeting, the minutes of the previous meeting were signed. Later, according to the agenda, the expert of the PriSEC Committee presented a report based on the decision of the previous meeting, which discussed the issue of export problems through air corridors and proposed solutions.


  • Report and review export problems through the air corridors and suggested solutions

Every company must create an account in the Asikoda system to proceed with their exports. The next problem was the export of handicrafts and carpets, both of which it is said that the trader has to refer to the union of producers and exporters of carpets. Also, the next problem is the export of Iranian saffron under the name of Afghan saffron, which last year we had about 21 tons of production but 40 tons of exports. Suggestions include;

  • Distributing invoices and quality certificates to merchants to be accepted in other countries as well
  • Informing traders about the export process so that they do not face any problems at the time of export
  • Design of legal infrastructure or law bases for the airport export zone process

It was decided to share the problems and solutions of the export process through the air corridors with all relevant departments and to receive comments in the form of a document.


Distinguished representatives from the Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock, Chamber of Agriculture and Livestock Products, Ministry of Industry and Commerce, General Directorate of Revenue and Customs, Ministry of Finance, National Development Company, Afghanistan chambers Federation, Chamber of Commerce and Investment, Afghanistan Women Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Airport Customs, and PriSEC Secretariat – First Vice President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan attended the meeting.

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