The fifth meeting of the second working group of the PriSEC Committee (Agribusiness and Export Development) was held on March 17, 2021, in the meeting hall of the Deputy Minister of Irrigation and Natural Resources of the Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock.


According to the agenda of the meeting, after the beginning of the meeting and the signing of the previous meeting minutes by Co-Chairs, the responsible departments reported on the progress of the implementation of the previous meeting’s decisions and the reforms.


The following developments were reported at the meeting:

– A committee has been formed to monitor the implementation procedure of 6 percent export subsidy for carpets. The approved budget for the implementation of this procedure is $ 124 million in the year 1400.

– The Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock had proposed to build 3 cold storages with a capacity of 1000 tons in 1400, which fortunately the budget has been approved by the parliament and it will be decided in which provinces they will be built.

– The private sector can hold its agricultural exhibitions in Badam Bagh after the exhibition of the Ministry of Agriculture (Hamal 3, 1400). It was decided to spread the message for public awareness in the media.


The head of the Air Cargo of Commerce and Investment Chamber also provided brief information on the air cargo and the problems of exporters. Air Cargo has contracts with 5 airlines that have a capacity of 25-35 tons of goods per day. Lack of standard laboratories in the air cargoes, lack of validity of domestic product analysis certificates in foreign countries, lack of standard and larger hangars for Afghan products in foreign airports, and lack of full knowledge of exporters about the export process are many problems that Afghan exporters have. As a result, it was decided to form a technical committee to further investigate these problems and present a summary of their research (problems and proposed solutions) in the next meeting of the working group. Then it would be follow up by the Office of the First Vice President (PriSEC Committee) to solve the problems.


Attendees of the meeting were esteemed representatives of the Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock, Chamber of Agriculture and Livestock Products, Ministry of Industry and Commerce, First Vice President Office, Investment Facilitation Unit, General Directorate of Customs, Afghanistan National Standardization Authority, Afghanistan Chambers Federation, Chamber of Commerce and Investment, Afghanistan Women Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Ministry of Economy, and the PriSEC Secretariat.

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