Working Group 2


21Working Group Meetings
13Permanent Members
11Visiting Members

Focus Areas

Working Group (WG) 2 focuses on agri-business value chains, export development, increasing Afghanistan’s products market share in targeted high growth markets; and supporting the implementation of the Agri-Business Charter (ABC) and the Afghanistan National Export Strategy (A-NES). WG 2 is tasked to initiate and implement reforms identified under the following sub-strategic priorities of Private Sector Development Priority Program (PSD-NPP, 2018-2023):

Strategic Priority 1:

  • Restoring confidence and creating an enabling environment for business
    • Addressing constraints in priority value chains

Strategic Priority 4:

  • Securing and facilitating trade and transit
    • Improving the operations of customs
    • Sustainable air cargo

The WG also aims to improve Afghanistan’s ranking in World Bank’s Doing Business Indicator (DBI) report in ‘Trading Across Borders’.

The WG is scheduled to meet twice a month, at least 24 times a year; the meetings are called per the consensus of the minimum two co-chairs of the WG. For detailed information about the WG2 mandate, objective, members and scope, download the WG Terms of Reference (ToR).


Co-ChairsPermanent MembersVisiting Members
• Ministry of Industry and Commerce (MoIC)
• Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock (MAIL)
• Chamber of Agriculture and Livestock Products (ACALP)
• Directorates of the Ministry of Industry and Commerce, Export Development, Exhibitions and SMEs
• Private Sector Directorate of the Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock
• Customs Department
• National Standards Office
• Investment Facilitation Unit (IFU)

Private Sector:
• Afghan Chambers Federation (ACF)
• All chambers
• Afghanistan Exporters Club
• Agricultural Research Institute
• Ministry of Public Health
• Association (saffron, carpet, dry fruits, fresh fruits and vegetables, precious stones and Peanut)
• Transport Association
• International Trade Center
• European Union
• ACEBA project
• United States Agency for International Development
• United Nations Development Program
• Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations
• National poultry and Livestock Program
• HARAKAT organization

Working Group 2 Terms of Reference (TOR)

Download ToR