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Afghanistan Ships 50 Tonnes of Dried Fruits to Canada via Land

Afghanistan sends off 50 tonnes of dried fruits worth more than $500,000 from Kabul to Canada through land for the first time.

Devastation as 500 tanker blast destroys Afg-Iran customs post

A catastrophic explosion and fire at an Afghan customs depot has destroyed hundreds of fuel tankers and caused …

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Working Group 1

Financial sector development

This working group focuses on facilitating access to finance, developing the insurance sector, improving business…


Working Group 2

Agribusiness and export development

This working group focuses on agri-business value chains, export development, increasing market share…


Working Group 3

Investment Facilitation and Promotion

This working group focuses on attracting domestic and foreign investment and is tasked with progress on…


Working Group 4

Trade and Industrial Development

This working group focuses on Trade facilitation and Industrial Development by identifying challenges, initiation…


Working Group 5


This working group focuses on facilitating the process of regulatory changes and amendments to the laws proposed by other working groups…


Doing Business in Afghanistan

Taken from the World Bank Website

Reforms Implementation Overview

Financial Sector Development (WG1)

Reduce banks’ security costs (20% of all security contract) to allow financial institutions expand their branches and reduce service charges (60%)
Develop Banks’ Resolution Framework (50%)

Agribusiness and Export Development (WG2)

Implementation of 6% subsidies for exporting carpet endorsed by HEC (63%)
Finalization of new export procedure, temporary export of gold procedure and precious and semi-precious stone procedure (56%)

Investment Facilitation and Promotion (WG3)

Modify multiple tax identification number (TIN) distribution processes fo individuals and Companies (100%)
Renew the Private Investment Law (80%)

Trade and Industrial Development (WG4)

Setup  surveillance cameras on key customs activities in all customs/ports (54%)
Establish and activate a preliminary analysis committee for applicants that requests access to land in industrial parks in all economic zones of the country (50%)

Legal (WG5)

Review and get endorsed Anti- Subsidy law and Anti – Dumping law to protect domestic industries and use benefit of WTO (100%)
Process and Get Endorsed the new Insurance law (40%)

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