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50 by 5 Phase 2
Implementation Progress

47% - (WG1) Financial Sector Development
71% - (WG2) Agribusiness and Export Development
48% - (WG3) Investment Facilitation and Promotion
65% - (WG4) Trade and Industrial Development
52% - (WG5) Legal
56.6.8% Overall

The PriSEC Executive Committee is the decision-making arm of PriSEC, tasked with making high-level decisions on the structure, direction and mandate of PriSEC.

The Secretariat is the coordination and communication arm of PriSEC, tasked with translating the PSD NPP strategic priorities and decisions or the PriSEC Executive Committee into Working Group programmes and activities.

Working Groups

Working Groups

Working Groups are the implementation arm of PriSEC, tasked with driving concrete reforms in their subject area corresponding to the PSD NPP and WBG Doing Business Indicators.


Recent laws and reforms passed by PriSEC, or other branches of GIRoA related to PriSEC reforms, the PSD NPP, or WB DBIs.

Relevant reports by domestic and international institutions on subjects related to PriSEC, the PSD NPP, or private sector development in Afghanistan more generally.

Data and statistics from official government sources and reputable international bodies on trade in Afghanistan

Recent Developments:
Private Sector in Afghanistan

First Import Shipment Via Lapiz Lazuli Corridor Arrives In Herat

The first shipment of imported goods through the Lapis Lazuli Corridor arrived in Herat province,

Doing Business report / Afghanistan

The project provides objective measures of business regulations and their enforcement across 190 economies and selected...


Development Partners


Private Sector